Belmore ITCH

Kevin Platt and unloved encounters with clay

After a fine Surry Hills haircut, I visited First Draft and was drawn to the work of Kevin Platt and in particular what looked to me like a personified terracotta wall planter. The work is titled Man and the object is held tenuously to the gallery wall. In his artist statement, Kevin explains that the parameters of developing work for this exhibition were driven by art that he does not like and materials for which he has a general distaste. So I guess that ceramics falls within this target range. This got me all excited of course. You can see the awkward and beautiful struggle with the material in this work. Would love to know how he came to dislike clay so much? I guess there’s a lot of crappy ceramic art out there. And a seemingly benign blob of clay can be deceptively technical to shape, dry and fire.

In the spirit of Belmore ITCH, thanks for giving it a go Kevin!

Criticism by Kevin Platt closes at First Draft Gallery Saturday June 1, 2013
Artist talks: Saturday 1 June at 02:00 PM